Deaf children teach their parents.

Deaf children teach their parents (1) Herewith we report you of the parent’s sign language course held at St.Luke’s home for the deaf starting from Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May 2009.

The aim of the sign language course for the parents of the deaf children was to make them familiar with the language of their deaf child so that they can communicate with their child when he/she comes home during holyday.

Deaf children teach their parents (2) This sign language course for the parents was a long discussed issue that was not so realistic at the first time when we decided to plan for the course, because we thought it was very hard to teach the parents this language and also the distance where the parents are coming from.

When the days reached in our surprise 15 parents of the invited 20 came; even one mother came walking from Lorugum one day before the course started.

Each one was curious to know more about sign language after the course. The facilitators, two employees of St. Luke’s Home for the deaf, welcomed them and on Monday morning 25th of May, after a short meeting they started with the lessons. The facilitators taught the parents the most common words and how to make a conversation with their children about health, food, time, clothing, animals, shopping, tribes and nomadic live.

Deaf children teach their parents (3) In the morning hours 7.30am – noon they got theoretical/practical lessons with the own group and in the afternoon practical lessons with children. Obvious was that the children were very keen and proud to learn parents signs.

In the last day which was Friday 29th May the lessons for the religion was introduced to the parents which was so wonderful to the parents because most of them did not know how to bring up their children in spiritual way. They were very happy for the lesson whereby they promised that they have gained some key words in the religious part.

Lastly in the same day, parents gave out the following expectations and remarks:

  • 1. Gave congratulations to the home for the deaf for having such seminar and giving them an opportunity in participation.
  • 2. They thanked the facilitators for the good work they did.
  • 3. They thanked the staff for the co-operation they showed to them through welfare and accommodation in the home which was very well and organised
  • 4. Parents to have the interest to know the language.
  • 5. The teaching was good because the translation was done in the four languages. Turkana, Sign language, English, and Kiswahili
  • 6. The workshop has opened their minds so communication with a deaf child is now more simple, not very hard as they thought in the past.

  • Deaf children teach their parents (4) The parents ask to continue this kind of lessons for the welfare of their child.
    The closing ceremony was held on Friday afternoon whereby the parents got a certificate handed over by Fr. Manzi.

    The staff of St Luke's Home for the deaf is planning to organise regular a one week sign language course for parents. According the facilitators of the workshop, the parents and the staff of St. Luke’s Home, the contact of parents with their deaf child is very important because a deaf person is a full member of the family and of the community.

    Staff St. Luke’s Home for the deaf.